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The Province of Northern Cape


Residence Edward Bell

Residence Garth Damerell-Moss

Residence Garth Knoetze

Residence Garth Damerell-Moss

Residence Garth Knoetze

1876-08-11 Birth Emily Kate Gallow

1879-02-25 Birth Annie Gallow

1882-04-30 Birth Mary Winifred Gallow

1887-01-02 Birth Albert Archibald Gallow

Estimated 1890-04 Birth Douglas Gallow

1904-12-04 Birth Johanna Hendrina Christovora van der Merwe

1907-08-29 Death Jacob Jacobus van der Merwe

1914-02-18 Birth Henry William Bell

1917-05-24 Death John Gallow

1917-12-06 Birth John Henry van der Merwe

1921-07-22 Birth Barbara van der Merwe

1921-08-23 Birth Roland Henry Murray

1922-04-23 Death Johanna Christofia van Heerden

1924-03-25 Death John Edward Gallow

1926-09-04 Death Mary Anne Field

1930-09-20 Marriage Jacob Johannes van der Merwe and Ella Susanna Maria Roos

1931-06-29 Birth Anida Ella van der Merwe

1941-02-09 Birth Rosalee Mildred Field

1944-08-29 Death Mary Winifred Gallow

1947-05-21 Birth Maria Elizabeth van der Merwe

1953-10-02 Marriage Frederick Arnold Crankshaw and Anida Ella van der Merwe

1955-09-18 Birth Thomas Arnold Crankshaw

1960-11-03 Death Albert Archibald Gallow