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The Province of Western Cape


The Address of 4 Survey Street


Residence Charmaine Bell

Residence Virginia Wucherpfennig

Residence Russell Damerell-Moss

Residence Glenda Damerell-Moss

1907-02-20 Birth Daniel Russouw

1922-07-18 Birth Gerard Cornelius Hermanus Roode

1931-03-02 Birth Frederick Arnold Crankshaw

1943-08-13 Marriage Roland Henry Murray and Francina Wilhelmina Portwig

1953-06-16 Birth Roy Phillip Turvey

1977-02-18 Marriage Roy Phillip Turvey and Pamela Jane MacDonald

1986-07-07 Birth KayT Turvey

1993-05-25 Birth John Charles IV Turvey

2015-06-14 Death Roy Phillip Turvey