Surnames Places Portwig

Georg Heindrich Portwig

Gender: Male


Birth: 1836-01-19 at Bad Ems, Rhineland-Palatinate

Death: 1923-09-07 at Smithfield

Occupation: Teacher

Military Service: 1856-01-21

Occupation: Cape Police


Wife: Johanna Hendrina None

  married 1868-09-21 at Smithfield


  1. Jacobus Paulus Portwig

  2. Johann Heinrich Portwig

  3. Georg Heindrich Portwig

  4. Johanna Hendrina Portwig

  5. Clara Anna Portwig

  6. Carl Peter Portwig

  7. Portwig

  8. Wilhelmine Louise Pauline Portwig

  9. Franscina Maria Magdalena Portwig

  10. Debora Catharina Portwig

  11. Marie Magdalene Portwig

  12. Portwig

  13. Tharine Portwig

  14. Barbara Christina Johanna Portwig


1. Abandoned ship in Namibia and made his way to South Africa!


Georg Heindrich Portwig