Surnames Places Rogers

Lucretia Adelaide Rogers

Nick: Lue

Gender: Female


Birth: 1889-04-23 at Saint Helena

Death: 1964-09-03

Burial: at Port Elizabeth


Father: Joseph Henry Rogers

Mother: Adelaide Lucrecia Seale


  1. Pauline Rogers

  2. Miriam Rogers

  3. Rhoda Rogers

  4. Henry Joseph Rogers

  5. George Rogers

  6. Lucretia Adelaide Rogers


Husband: William Field

  married 1906


  1. William Henry Field

  2. Ivy Adelaide Myrtle Field

  3. Albert Edward Field

  4. Edgar George Field

  5. Mary Elizabeth Field

  6. Dorothy Alma Field

  7. Violet Mavis Field

  8. Arthur Reginald Field

  9. Sheila Gwendoline Field

  10. Lillian Lucretia Field

  11. Leslie James Field

  12. Amy Maud Field


1. Eloped with William Field, Joseph did not speak to her for years, After Edgar was born, had a child at seven months who died 3 hours later

2. had 8 miscarriages

3. Born in St Helena because their ship broke down


Lucretia Adelaide Rogers
Joseph Henry Rogers
Joseph Henry Rogers
Penelope Seale
William Henry Seale
William Seale
Sarah Seale
Margaret Julia Seale
Francis Seale
Eleanor Alexander
Adelaide Lucrecia Seale
James Seale
William Seale
Elizabeth Scott
Ann Margaret Seale