Surnames Places Bell

Edward Bell

Gender: Male


Birth: 1885-11-13 at Grahamstown

Occupation: work in a jam factory aged 12, for 2 shillings and a 6 pence

Religion: New Apostolic

Occupation: work in a jam factory aged 12

Residence: at Kimberly

Residence: 1946 at 9 Guthrie Steet

Death: 1978-09-11 at Port Elizabeth

Burial: at Port Elizabeth


Father: James Bell

Mother: Bell


  1. Charles Bell

  2. Edward Bell


Wife: Martha Magdalene Heber

  married 1906-12-24 at Albany


  1. Lewis Archebald Bell

  2. Melville Lothian Bell

  3. Eric Edwin Bell

  4. Mona Ruth Bell

  5. Edna Joan Bell

  6. John Robert Bell

  7. Edward Bell

  8. Henry William Bell

Wife: Lillian Lucretia Field

  married 1948-09-12 at Port Elizabeth


  1. Dewray Edward Bell

  2. Bradley Bell


Age: 101

ID Number: 101 317997 W

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1. lost parents when very young (12 years)

2. he was secretive about his mother

3. Edward Bell, was probably illegitimate, with a very very poor mother. I think the only thing that is real is probably his first name! Born approximately in 1874. Why you ask. Well in 1885 he went to the authorities in Grahamstown to get a birth certificate. Why would a kid do this? Obviously his mother was not with him, because according to his son Bradley who was told this by his father..when asked his birth date, he said he did not know. So they used the date of issue as his official birthdate. He was apparently in standard 3 at the time. Which is about 11 yrs old. If his mother was with him, surely she would know the date of her sons birth? After getting this document, he left with a wagon train, employed as a whip boy. They went to South West Africa. His son recounted that his dad remembered when they would camp for the night, hollow out an ant hill, fill it with coals and place a sheeps head inside. The next morning, they has brains for breakfast. So after this he made his way back to South Africa. I would guess at this point he was already an orphan. Just my opinion looking at some information, that may or may not be true.


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4. Estate of Late Edward Bell, Page 46


Edward Bell
James Bell